FIFA 16: the market got hyper-inflated

Nobody is saying they're going to fix all the problems, but they'll fix a lot of them. Great players are so much attainable now even after the market got hyper-inflated. You can actually afford decent players by simply playing seasons (for end of season rewards) or tournaments.

I don't want to trade all day or
buy Fifa 16 coins
to get a player like Hazard. If they were able to reduce players in the 100k to 200k range (Reus, Courtois, Lewandowski) to the 30k to 50k range and players in the 300k to 900k range (Hazard, Ribery, Ramos, Di Maria, Neymar, Toure, Aguero and a bunch of decent IFs) to the 100k to 200k range, I think they'll be able to do even better next year when they'll be able to dictate a player's value from the get go. Even if coinsellers are making millions of coins via glitching, it'll be harder, or at least much more tedious, to sell these coins with the lack of club names and price ranges.

Yup, and it's pretty scary to see so many people here who are convinced that price ranges are going to fix all the problems. Last year cheaters managed to create a glitch that allowed people to bid more than 15 million coins on PC. I am sure there are people out there who are trying to come up with a workaround for price ranges as we speak.

Price ranges work without a ridiculous amount of
Fifa coins
coming into the game. They're doing reasonably well on xbox. Shame that PSN coins are really cheap which is skewing the demand.

It will work on FIFA16 because it will stop the extreme inflation on high rated players and make the market less volatile. By introducing it in the middle of FIFA 15 they sort of just rocked the boat bit game and it was bound to cause some problems but it was a better decision to do it now and work out the kinks than to do it at the start of 16 and have problems there from day 1.

Blame has to be shared, ea have successfully depleted rapid coin distribution, but in doing that, the select few people that are willing to open packs with their own money, now see the value in their players rather than immediately selling the players they got to obtain some of their hard earned 8 quid back. but at the same time, there are people who are hanging on to certain players in the hopes their value will increase if none appear on the market.

At least a few months ago when the mega inflation was happening on ps4 it was somewhat possible to buy players, now it's just flat out impossible even if you buy coins. Price ranges didn't fix shit on ps4, they need to fix the fucking glitch that is actually causing the problem.

21.7.15 03:37

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